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Detailed Product Description

The high speed and high efficiency floating surface aerator is designed to maximized the two most functions, which are trasfering the oxygen of the aerator device and mixing wastewater.

The wastewater(liquid) is pumped to the surface of water throgh high speed impeller, which would creat perfect liquid spray to improve the speed of oxygen into the wastewater. At the same time, such kind of wastewater pumping method could creat enough flow velocity in the wastewater tank, which ensures the mixing of wastewater and the dispersion of oxygen.

   High efficiency floating surface aerator is the most economic and reliable aeration and mixing equipment. 

   High speed floating surface aerator using reliable motor to drive the blade directly pumps the wastewater from water tank through pipe with very high speed to creat a high speed cycle flow. The pumped-out water will be circle sprayed out through guide water board and then will  form sheet type falls. The water will form countless tiny bubbles within oxygen after flying and contacting the air, and then the water will form turbulence and bubbles when falling down and hitting the water surface, which will help the water fully oxygenated and the make the wasterwater mixed.


High speed floating surface aerator has some advantages as follows:

a.    Product structure is very simple and working life is much longer( more than 15 years).

b.    Don't need infrastructure, more convenient to install.

c.    The electric machine is very safe and reliable and it does not need maintenance.

d.    The costs is lower.


   This chart will help to select the required horsepower of aeration if the BOD (mg/l) and daily flow rate of wastewater are known.

First, select the appropriate daily waste flow on the left side of the chart. Then extend a horizontal line to the right until you intersect the appropriate BOD curve. Drop a line vertically from the intersection to the bottom and read the horsepower required for aeration.

Caculation are based on a desired BOD reduction of 90%, high speed floating surface aerator α factor of 0.8, 0.57 Kg O2/Kg BOD and a standard condition transfer of 2.1Kg  O2/kW.HR. Accuracy is usually within 15%.

    Widely used in wastewater treatment processes;Such as- sequenced batch reactors(SBR),Activated sludge reactors(aeration tanks),Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR),Submerged Aerated Filter(SAF),Aerobic Sludge Stabilisation,Digesters,Oxidation ditches,Lagoons,Ponds, Mixing or buffer tanks etc.



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