Wastewater treatment

Our company is Chinese professional  manufacturer of environmental products and able to offer professional products  solutions to clients. Our products, including pond aeration kit, ceramic  diffuser, mixers, aerators, solid-liquid separation and other core components,  are designed and developed by ourselves based on more than 20-year experience.  We also make mould by ourself. With the support of high technology and  professional team, our products are popular among the world.  

We have ISO9001 and are building OHSAS18000. Our  products and parts are certificated with CE, UL and CCC. The number of research  staff and QC accounts for more than 40% of that of total staff. There are  several experienced senior engineer and 2 foreign consultants (from Singapore  and German). We have a 10*10m test tank and 3 products verification base  (including oxidation ditch, AO and AAO process) of 50000 m3/day for wastewater  treatment.