Diffusion Technology

Diffusion technology

   Rongda electronics ( environmental division ) based in Jiangsu, china, the company has been concerned with improving wastewater treatment by mixer, aerator (O2-transfer), sludge dewatering and transport and, biological purification,solid-liquid separation etc technology, the company with a number of water treatment Research Institute jointly developed a variety of perfect wastewater treatment equipment. the equipment effect very ideal, energy consumption reduced by 15% to 65%, equipment maintenance costs reduced by 15% to 50%, working effect is increased by 10% to 50%.

   The company has a professional design team and manufacturing experience, is a good sewage treatment equipment manufacturer and supplier, the company's major supply of diffuser:

   Alumina ceramic fine bubble air diffusers,corundum oxygen diffuser, ozone diffuser, air stone ozone diffuser, fine pore diffusers,fine bubble disc diffuser,alumina ceramic corundum air diffuser tube ,ceramic ozone diffuser,air stone ozone diffuser disc,EPDM diffuser,rubber diffuser tube etc.


    The ceramic diffuser is one-piece design,by two spherical combination or a sphere and a plane combination, at high temperatures bonded, this design Completely solve  “halo effect” commonly found in disc type diffusers.

 the ceramic diffuser advantagesCompared with metal, rubber and plastic diffuser) :

a. Gas(ozone or oxygen) transfer efficiency,75% higher than the average diffuser   

b. Higher power efficiency, 90% higher than the average diffuser

c. Lower resistance losses, 65% lower than the average diffuser

e. 1600°C temperature resistance capability

f. Superior corrosion resistance

g. Cleanable and reusable

g. Long service life of more than 30 years

i. Definitely not blocked ,Don't need to maintain

j. Aeration system of investment and operation cost is very low

k. Using 1600 high temperature thermal bonding technology

l. Before,after,left,right,up and down simultaneously diffusion gas(ozone or oxygen), total six direction, this is perfect diffuser.

m. Had 15 years of application,Total 2.2 million pcs project performance.

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