About Us

Rongda Industry is a persified industrial group with seven major industries of processing machinery mold, mechatronic equipment and component, electronics appliance, precision metal parts, auto part accessories, sewage treatment, chemistry and chemical catalyst.


Rongda was established in 1990(formerly known as Wenwei Industry), after 25 years of steady development, now has become a company with perse industries, integrated of marketing, PD&R, manufacturing, sales, import and export, with more than 1000 products and customers all over the world which wins good reputation among the customers.


Rongda Industry has many experienced engineers from various industries and a PD&R center, perfect talent team and a well-built testing center; the company is certified by ISO9001, ISO14001.


Rongda industry group owns Wenwei Pipe Fitting Mold, Rongda Electronics (Environmental Division), Rongda Electromechanical Mold, Rongda Injection, Rongda Precision Machinery, Rongda Precision Casting, Woerson Electronic Technology, Sunlight Electric;Rongda Sheet Metal, Gold kylin Electronics, Dyson Tyke Industries, Molec Chemistry, a total of 12 industrial modules.


Independent research and development, manufacturing products are:

Wenwei Pipe Fitting Mold: Main products include die-casting molds, cast molding, sheet metal stamping dies, large plastic molds, etc.


Rongda Electronics (Environmental Division): Sewage Treatment Aeration Discs, Sewage Circulation Filters, Sewage Treatment Project Packages, Membrane Bio Reactor(MBR) Membrane Panels, Membrane Bio Reactor(MBR),Water Treatment Membrane Bioreactor(MBR),Fiber Rotary Disc Filter, Hyperboloid Mixer Aerator, Low Speed Flow Propeller, Slow Speed Propeller, Vertical Hyperboloid Mixer, Hyperboloid Mixer Aerator, Propeller Shaft Mixer, Rotary Disk Aerator, Disc Rotor Aerator,Horizontal Axis Rotary Brush Aerator,Rotating Brush Aerator,Rotor Disk Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), Spiral type Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), wastewater treatment plant(RBC), Planet Disk(RBC), Capillary Action Disc Vacuum Filters, Disk Cloth Filter, Fiber Cloth Rotary Disc Filter, Rotary Vacuum Disc Filters, Starch vacuum disc filter, Rotary Disc Filter with Steam Separator, Hyperboloid Mixer, High Flow Bag Filter, Cooling Tower Fill, etc.


Rongda Electromechanical Mold: For the die and mold we have mechanical metal mold, plastic mold for home appliance, auto parts mold, stamping die, casting mold, etc.


Rongda Injection: Various kinds of plastic fan blades, plastic housings for home appliances, plastic brackets, plastic accessories for agricultural machine, plastic auto spare parts, all kinds of plastic car parts, etc.


Rongda Precision Machinery: High-precision machining shafts, high-precision aluminum parts processing, fine steel parts processing, high-precision hydraulic parts processing, motor parts processing, high-precision automotive parts processing, etc.


Rongda Precision Casting: Various types of steel forging, forging parts machining, aluminum end-shield molding, and automotive aluminum cap molding, hydraulic end cap molding, hydraulic control cabinet molding, various zinc-aluminum alloy molding, various types of electrical accessories (power rails, electrical fittings), track-core gold, forged bucket teeth, Forged Metal Core of Rubber Track, steel accessories and other agricultural products, etc.


Woerson Electronic Technology: Car wiper motor, car pedal motor, auto air conditioner motor, fan motor, fan motor for agricultural machinery, furnace motor, external rotor fan motor, home appliance motor, capacitor, NEMA motor, yacht driving motor, Electric Outboard Motor, etc.


Rongda Sheet Metal: Electrical sheet metal processing, fine tooling machining, precision gaskets machining, various types of precision machining equipment stand, Cable Locking Termination Tools,Ohm Coaxial Cable Locking Terminal,CATV Coaxial Cable Assembly Tool BNC Connector,CATV Coaxial Cable Locking Removal Tools,Coaxial Cable Security Sleeve Tool,Electric Installation Tools, etc.


Gold kylin Electronics: Intelligent control system, APP software, drive control systems, motor control systems, electrical controls assembly, smart appliances solution, precision electrical harness assembly, power systems accessories and other products(composite insulator) HVAC parts, etc.


Dyson Tyke Industries: Commercial coffee grinder, home coffee grinder, dry air purifier(air purifier dehumidifier), intelligent household waste processor, commercial professional coffee machines, home semi-automatic coffee machine, commercial automatic coffee machine, coffee roaster, coffee machine parts, commercial ice machine, commercial hot water tank, commercial freezer, commercial steam cabin, heater, etc.


Molec Chemistry: Chemical tower packing, 3A molecular sieve, 4A molecular sieves, 5A zeolite, 10X molecular sieve, 13X molecular sieve, Cu-13X molecular sieve,Activated alumina, Activated carbon, inert alumina ceramic ball, porous ceramic balls, Zirconia balls,  alumina ceramic balls, hydrogenation catalysts, ammonia decomposition catalyst, desulfurization catalysts, PHT hydrodesulfurization catalysts, PHT diesel hydrogenation catalysts, KPK deironizer catalysts, KPK Guard catalyst for hydrogenation, KPK proppant, HT hydroconversion catalyst, Hr reforming pre-hydrogenation catalyst, PT zinc oxide desulfurizer, AD ammonia decomposition catalyst, PSR sulfur recovery catalyst, ceramic structured packings, plastic random packings, metallic structured packings, metallic random packings, ceramic random packings, plastic structured packings, acid-resistant bricks boards, tower packing product and proppant product, etc.