Precautions die casting machine furnace

Precautions die casting machine furnace

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Due to the expansion chamber in the high and low temperature process of change, will produce more or less shrinkage cracks, which is currently unable to

resolve technical problems, and over-temperature use can exacerbate cracks, so do not use for a long time at the design temperature, Do not for a long time

at high temperature to open the door, and forbids the perfusion liquid and sintering furnace higher moisture content items, which will shorten the life of

the furnace, and the heating element.
Please use a reliable power ground wire, do not use an electric furnace placed in a wooden operating table!
Symptoms due to treatment
Machine without electricity fuse is blown, replace the fuse overload manual recovery;
Temperature (PV) display sensor wire is bad bad check conversion sensor circuit;
Temperature control fuse is blown or not, the heating element family problems, should bring double check or contact us.
1 Please specify reading this instruction sheet, and then manipulated.
2 When in use, the device must be grounded to avoid danger.
3 The first time you use or long-term use again after the closure, must be oven, oven time for a total of eight hours, should be separately set 100 ℃, 200

℃, 300 ℃, 400 ℃ bake for two hours each.
4. The power cord, load line accuracy to be connected, it is necessary to have sufficient diameter, after installation, before power test, please carefully

check the furnace wire wiring is solid, especially definitely not short-circuit, are not allowed to pick the shell and grounded. Thermocouple connected to

positive and negative to be accurate. If reversed, at the time of heating, temperature display value decreased.
5 doing "ash", "fast gray", "Roca bonding", "volatile" and other tests should be based on the requirements by the "▲" key to increase the process. In the

test carried out smoothly. In addition, it may need to experiment, using the "▲" key and "▼" key (increase and decrease process) to manually adjust the

test process.
6 When the work is being switched, once the instrument product fails, you should immediately turn off the power, stop checking. Major failure should protect

the site for failure analysis.
7 When used, set the oven temperature should not exceed the rated operating temperature, then the furnace wire longer life. Set the oven temperature can not

exceed the maximum operating temperature to avoid burning heating element.
8 thermocouples do not suddenly pull out at high temperatures to prevent jacket burst.
9 is prohibited, and various liquid infusion into the furnace easily melted metal, where the metal material with the heated oil class, there is a large

amount of volatile gases and erosion will affect the heating element surface, so that burning and shorten the life of Therefore, when heated with oil of a

metal material, should be prepared to work metallic sealing materials.
10. Should regularly check the wiring connections are good.
11 Keep the furnace clean, timely removal of the oxide and the like furnace retentate.
12, shows "open thermocouple": Check the thermocouple circuit, whether good contact. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer.
13, temperature control: solid state relay control circuit is damaged, you should cut off the power supply immediately, so as not to burn the furnace or

other components. Then notify the manufacturer treatment.
14, no temperature heating circuit faults.

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