Proper use of grinding machine

Proper use of grinding machine

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1, please check carefully before using the grinding machine guard, auxiliary handle, must be in good condition without loose.
2, installed grinding wheel attention to whether there is damp phenomena and chipping phenomenon, and must be securely installed without loosening prohibited

without special tools and tools with other external forces beat wheel clamping nut.
3, the use of power outlets must be equipped with GFCI device and check the power cord for damage phenomenon.
4, using a grinding machine must be switched before commissioning, operation is smooth polished piece look normal, check the degree of wear and tear on the

timely replacement of carbon brushes by professionals, after confirmation before normal use.
5, grinding machine grinding cutting direction in the operation of the non-facing staff and all around the inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, in

order to avoid unnecessary harm to keep the workplace clean and tidy, proper use, to ensure personal and property safety.
6, using a grinding machine can not remember when too much force, to slowly even hard to avoid crashing polished piece phenomenon, such as sanding sheet

jamming phenomenon should immediately lift the grinding machine, grinding machine or because it would burn polished pieces broken, causing hidden dangers.
7, prohibited the use of non-safety shield grinding machine, to shield loose and not tighten the grinding machine is prohibited to use or be repaired by

hand, non-party disassemble grinding machine.
8, the grinding machine work longer and the body temperature is greater than 50 degrees and a hot feeling, please stop immediately be cooled before use.
9, must be equipped with protective glasses before operating the grinding machine and dust masks, protective facilities are not allowed to place the job.
10 films to replace the wheel must turn off the power or pull out the power cord, replace the grinding wheel can be carried out to confirm the correct, be

sure to use special tools disassembly is prohibited Luanqiao Cookin.

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