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CMM as a precision measuring instruments, care and maintenance if done in a timely manner, you can extend the life of the machine, and to be guaranteed accuracy, the failure rate is reduced. To enable customers to better understand and make good use of measuring machines, measuring machines now lists simple care and maintenance procedures.
First, before starting to prepare.
1, the coordinate measuring machine for more stringent environmental requirements, the contract shall require strict control of temperature and humidity;
2, the coordinate measuring machine using air bearings, the structure is theoretically never wear, but if gas supply is not clean, there is oil. Water or impurities, it will cause air bearing obstruction can cause severe air bearing and flotation rail scratches, serious consequences. So every day to check the machine air supply, turn on the water drain. Regular cleaning filters and water separator. Also note that pre-air machine air supply source (air compressor or centralized gas supply tank) should regularly check;
3, high precision CMM rail, and air bearing gap is small, if the rail above a dust or other impurities, it is easy to cause air bearing and guideway scratch. Therefore, the machine should be cleaned before each boot rails, metal rails wipe (120 or 180 gasoline) with aviation gasoline, granite rails with ethanol wipe.
4, remember to grease any nature can not give any rail during maintenance;
5, regular to light rod, screw, rack small amount of anti-rust oil;
6, in the coordinate measuring machine is not used for a long time in front of the boot should be prepared to work: control the indoor temperature and humidity (over 24 hours), in the southern humid environment should also be regularly open the cabinet, so that circuit board is also fully dry to avoid electrical control system due to sudden power up after the moisture damage. Then check the gas supply, the power supply is normal;
7, turn the power before checking, if the conditions should be configured power supply, regular inspection grounding resistance of less than 4 ohms.
Second, the working procedure:
1, the part is placed before the bench testing, deburring should be cleaned to prevent the completion of the processing of the residual coolant and machining parts surface residues affect the measurement accuracy and measurement tip measuring machine life;
2, the part is to be in the room before measuring temperature, if the temperature difference is too large it will affect the measurement accuracy;
3, large and heavy parts in the process of placing the work bench should be light, to avoid violent collision, resulting in a table or parts damage. You can place a piece of thick rubber on the bench when necessary to prevent collisions;
4, small and light into the bench after parts should be tightened after the measurement, otherwise it will affect the measurement accuracy;
5, in the course of their work, measured in seat rotation (especially under the circumstances with extensions) must be away from the parts in order to avoid a collision;
6, in the course of their work if abnormal noise or sudden emergency, do not disassemble and repair, should promptly contact the company to buy coordinate.
Third, after the end of the operation
1, move the Z axis moves to the bottom, but should avoid the stylus tip hit the table;
2, after the work is completed to clean work surface;
3, check rail, if the watermark please check the filter. If scratched or bruised it please contact the company to avoid greater losses;
4, the total gas supply after the end of the machine to work off.

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