Mixer & Aeration System

Mixer & Aeration System

   Rongda electronics ( environmental division ) based in Jiangsu, china, the company has been concerned with improving wastewater treatment by mixer, aerator (O2-transfer), sludge dewatering and transport and, biological purification,solid-liquid separation etc technology, the company with a number of water treatment Research Institute jointly developed a variety of perfect wastewater treatment equipment. the equipment effect very ideal, energy consumption reduced by 15% to 65%, equipment maintenance costs reduced by 15% to 50%, working effect is increased by 10% to 50%.

   The company has a professional design team and manufacturing experience, is a good sewage treatment equipment manufacturer and supplier, the company's major supply of mixer and aeration system equipment:

   Low speed submersible mixer and aeration system,invent hyperclassic aerator,vertical shaft hyperbolic mixing aerator,hyperdive aerator,high speed floating surface aerator mixer,horizontal brush aerator,orbal disc rotary aerator,self aspirating aerator, etc.

   Through 20 years of practice and over ten thousand units of engineering cases, RONGDA INDUSTRY 's wastewater treatment equipment and solution get the recognition and support in more than 30 countries in the world.

   Rongda company owns a full-scale test tank in which the wastewater treatment equipment(mixer and aeration system) can be tested.