Hyperboloid Mixer Body B
    • Hyperboloid Mixer Body B
    • Hyperboloid Mixer Body B
    • Hyperboloid Mixer Body B
    • Hyperboloid Mixer Body B
    • Hyperboloid Mixer Body B
Detailed Product Description

The upper surface of hyperboloid impeller body is a hyperboloid structure formed by hyperboloid generatrix rotating around axis and plurality of serrated blades at the bottom of impeller. The unique impeller structure design combines fluid characteristic with mechanical movement together. The equation of hyperboloid is xy=b, and the curve rotates around axis y to form the hyperboloid. Considering the water body flow, the expert designs water inlet from centre of impeller, which reduces water inlet turbulence and guarantees uniform pressure of liquid to impeller surface, thereby ensuring the balance of machine under movement status. Several guide blades are uniformly distributed on the involute double-arc surface to form kinetic energy by potential energy obtained from inflow compensated by liquid dead load pressure and centrifugal force generated when impeller rotates. The liquid moves tangentially under function of acceleration of gravity through hyperboloid structure transition along circumferential direction of impeller, under reflex reaction of tank wall, forms circular water flow from top to bottom, so the cross water flow at axial direction (y) and radial direction (x) can be obtained (as shown in Figure 3). 

Dry installation hyperboloid mixers impeller-A discsSubmersible installation hyperboloid mixers impeller-A mixers disc turbine

Figure 3 Diagram of hyperboloid flow state

Vertical mounted Hyperclassic mixers discsSubmersible mounted hyperdive mixers impeller

    Just as special structure of vertical impeller mixers and feature of tank bottom-close installation, its working location decides direct anti-settling function of suspended substances. It can achieve ideal mixing effect when working and effectively remove mixing blind angle. Large surface area lets water body exchange at large area. When using, the hyperboloid mixing impeller mixes water body to make water body flow along circumferential direction and turn over up and down, thereby mixing the water flow in all direction and spirally, ensuring uniform mixing between solid and liquid, liquid and gas, and among solid, liquid and gas, and removing blind angle. The hyperboloid mixers impeller is especially fit for round tank and square tank, and several impellers can be allocated in rectangle tank.

    The hyperboloid body common alias:hyperboloid stirrer impeller,hyperboloid mixer body,hyperbolic mixer body,hyperclassic mixer impeller,invent mixer body,invent hyperclassic impeller,aerator mixers impeller,wastewater mixer body,digester mixer impeller.



    Contrast parameters of impellers with different specifications

Mixers and aeration systems impeller body(Rongda Industry)typical OD parameter sheet

Volume flow (Rongda Industry) hyperboloid mixers parameter-N





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