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Detailed Product Description

Detailed Product Description

The hyper classic high efficiency mixing and fast (perfect) aeration technology is widely used in water purification and wastewater treatment processes. In the process of the whole water purification, water mixing and stirring process are the most important processes. Mixing and stirring technology is used in the municipal sewage, living wastewater, chemical wastewater, paper and steel and other water purification and treatment process . And compared to early most of the sewage treatment plant  that use double bladed paddle or multi blade, and blade mixing technology, both in terms of energy consumption or mixing effect, hyper classic mixer is better. Those old technology increase the energy, operation and maintenance cost and will lead to decrease the water purification effect and standards and other serious problems.

Hyper classic hyperboloid mixers application case-in china



Hyperboloid mixer and aeration systems Hyperclassic mixing aerators


RONGDA INDUSTRY Independent research and develop efficient and perfect mixing and stirring outstanding works which called hyperboloid mixing stirring systems, this product is hyper classic mixers works of our compan.

The vertical shaft low speed mixer common alias: hyperboloid stirrer, hyperboloid mixer, hyperbolic mixer, hyperclassic mixer,invent mixer, invent hyperclassic, hypercage mixers, wastewater mixer, and digester mixer.

Vertical shaft low speed hyperboloid mixing and stirring systems (mixers, stirrers, agitators) is classic type hyper classic mixers systems, in tanks top of vertical mounted, agitators working in the dry region, will be liquid mixing and stirring.

RONGDA INDUSTRY's mixers(stirrers or agitators)systems is made of hyper classic hyperboloid impeller body, stainless steel shaft, gearbox motor and bottom bearing etc combinations.


Classic type hyperboloid mixing and aeration systems


Product Structure and Advantages       

RONGDA INDUSTRY's mixers (stirrers) systems has excellent mixing and stirring performance. Hyperboloid turbine body uses the most advanced (CFD) computational fluid dynamics and (FEM) finite element method design technology, and according to many years of accumulated technology and accurate measurement of continuous optimization design, ultimately create a perfect hyperboloid mixing and stirring systems. The mixers (stirrers, agitators) has unique design of hyperboloid turbine body, at tanks any position can be highly efficient mixing stirring and low energy consumption and maintenance-free under the condition normal operation. RONGDA INDUSTRY’s mixing and stirring technology is better than the conventional surface mixers and jet stirring system, double bladed paddle stirrers or multi blade agitators etc.

Hyperboloid mixers and aeration systems Flow field analysis diagram

Hyperboloid type serrated impeller body

In the mixing and stirring process, RONGDA INDUSTRY mixers systems can form the tens of thousands of high speed rotating eddy current at the low speed in any position of ponds.  In the bottom of pond, the mixer generated intense vortex flow (stirring no dead zones). So there is no sedimentation. The energy consumption of the high efficiency hyperboloid mixers systems  is very low, only 2w/m3 (pure water condition) in activated sludge tank.

Product application and case description

RONGDA INDUSTRY's high efficiency vertical shaft low speed mixer hyperboloid mixers(hyperbolic mixer, hyperclassic mixer) is widely used in wastewater treatment processes, such as Sequenced Batch Reactors (SBR), Activated Sludge Reactors (aeration tanks), Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF), Suspended Media Filters (SMF), Aerobic Sludge Stabilization, Neutralization Tanks, Precipitation Tanks, Coagulation Tanks, Denitrification Tanks, BOD or COD Removal Reactors, Disinfection Reactors, Storage of Chemicals or Chemical Solution, Buffer Tanks for Equalisation Tank, Anaerobic Reactors, Flocculation Reactors, Thermophilic Sludge Reactors, Alternating Biological Reactors, Anaerobic Sludge Digesters, Sludge Storage tanks and Sludge Stabilization Reactors etc.

Hyperclassic mixer and aeration


Low speed mixer (Rongda Industry) typical parameter sheet

Volume flow (Rongda Industry) low speed mixer parameter sheet

Volume flow (Rongda Industry) hyperboloid mixers parameter-N

Just as special structure of stirrer's impeller and feature of tank bottom-close installation, its working location decides direct anti-settling function of suspended substances. It can achieve ideal mixing effect when working and effectively remove mixing blind angle. Large surface area lets water body exchange at large area. When using, the hyperboloid mixing impeller mixes water body to make water body flow along circumferential direction and turn over up and down, thereby mixing the water flow in all direction and spirally, ensuring uniform mixing between solid and liquid, liquid and gas, and among solid, liquid and gas, and removing blind angle. The hyperboloid impeller is especially fit for round tank and square tank, and several impellers can be allocated in rectangle tank.


    Dry or tower cage type circulating vortex picture

Submerged type circulating vortex picture


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