LSGB Low Speed Surface Aerator
    • LSGB Low Speed Surface Aerator
    • LSGB Low Speed Surface Aerator
    • LSGB Low Speed Surface Aerator
    • LSGB Low Speed Surface Aerator
    • LSGB Low Speed Surface Aerator
    • LSGB Low Speed Surface Aerator
Detailed Product Description

LSGB Vertical Low Speed Surface Aerator can be used in the biochemical treatment of municipal sewage and industrial wastewater. Through the powerful rotation of the impeller, it can agitate the water to complete the process of casting, liquid surface renewal and aerobe transmission, increasing the speed of oxygenation. The LSGB vertical Low Speed aerator is especially suited for oxidation ditch process due to its function to produce the water screw propulsion effect.

Product Code: LSGB Vertical Low Speed Surface Aerator

Impeller Structure Type: S, C, D

Impeller Nominal Diameter: cm

Control Mode: Variable speed (B); Constant speed (H)

For example:

Motor power: 132kW, Impeller Nominal Diameter: Ф3250mm, Impeller Structure: C, Constant Speed

It can be annotated as LSGBC325H- 132

Operating Principle

      The Low Speed Aerator, which has the powerful functions of aeration, agitation and propulsion, is the core equipment of oxidation ditch process. The aeration principals are as follows:

Under the powerful pushing of Low Speed impeller, water is pushed radially outwarLSGB and thrown out along the edge of the impeller.  So it can form water curtain and bring into a great quantity of air.   As the wastewater continuously gets drawn up from the bottom and thrown out along the rim, the wastewater exposes a large surface area to the air.   Impeller drives water to flow, forms minus pressure area, breathes in air, Oxygen of air rapidly dissolve in wastewater, and completes oxygenation on wastewater.  At the same time, the movement of the wastewater by the aerator helps to keep the circulation mixing and going, producing the screw propulsion effect.

This equipment receiving the national invention patent . Its characteristics are as follows:

1Efficient and Energy-saving

The quality dynamics characteristic of mass transfer makes the power efficiency exceeLSGB the industry standard of 12.4%.

2Stable and Reliable
It’s smooth in operation, high-efficient in transmission and coefficient of service more than 2.0.

3Intense Agitation
The invented impeller has the functions of aeration, agitation and propulsion so that the effective water depth is greatly improved in the oxidation ditch, which can reduce an area of 15% ~ 40%.

4Optimized structure
The Installation of platen can ensure the installation level degree of aeration. The drives are over the water, making the maintenance convenient.

5Diversified control

According to the nee LSGB of technology design, the aerator can operate either by constant speed or by variable speed, obtaining the needed oxygenation rate through the devices of frequency conversion and speed control and achieving the best economic operation mode.

Specifications and Technical Parameters

    The shape of the pool changes with different impeller structures. In parameter table, Widest ditch and deepest water are normal shape of ditch, they are for reference.


1Low Speed surface aerator can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.  Direction must be specified during the design stage.  The foundation requirement diagram given in the sample is designed as the counterclockwise rotation. If positive rotation (clockwise rotation) is required, the impeller offset should be adjusted accordingly.

2. The number of equipment of the positive rotation and reverse rotation should be made clear when ordering.

3. The vertical distance from foundation surface to designed water level of the oxidation ditch should be made clear when ordering.

4. The control mode should be made clear when ordering.

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