The advantages of MBR process

The advantages of MBR process

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1. Easy to operation and management

The traditional aerobic activated sludge treatment process, in the case of high sludge loading operation will appear the phenomenon of sludge bulking, muddy water is difficult to separate and led to the decrease of the water quality and even not up to standard. And MBR technology is to use membrane filtration to spate separation, does not affect the normal operation of the MBR system sludge bulking and the effluent water quality, and for the convenience of operation and management.

2. Covers an area of less

Traditional aerobic activated sludge treatment process of sludge concentration is in commonly 3000 ~ 3000 mg/L, and the MBR process of activated sludge concentration is in commonly 8000 ~ 12000 mg/L, and don't need the biochemical tank, thus greatly reduce area and construction investment, its construction area is about 1/3 of the traditional process.

3. Processing water quality stability

Able to intercept almost all of the microbial membrane components, especially for difficult to precipitation, slow proliferation of microbes, so the system extremely rich biofacies, activated sludge domesticated, greatly shorten the process of increment, the depth of the processing and system impact resistant ability strengthens, dealing with water quality stability.

4. Good effect of denitrification

MBR technology system is conducive to the proliferation of slow, interception of nitrifying bacteria growth and reproduction, system nitrification efficiency is improved.

5. The sludge age long

Membrane separation makes the macromolecular refractory wastewater composition in limited volume of bioreactor you have plenty of time, greatly improving the efficiency of the degradation of refractory organic matter. Reactor at high volume load, low sludge load long sludge age, can realize the basic no excess sludge discharge.

6. Low power consumption

Membrane pressure to attract only required is about 0.1 ~ 0.4 kg/cm2, low power consumption. In recent years, as a result of the film production process improvement, and the application of new materials, effectively reduce the membrane fouling blocking phenomenon, greatly reducing the workload of cleaning, prolong the service life of membrane module, up to 3 ~ 5 years of life.

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