Grinding machine safety rules

Grinding machine safety rules

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1, the proper use of 220V voltage, to eliminate the 380V voltage received by mistake caused grinding machine burned.
2, in accordance with the appropriate material selection polished piece milled, when the tilt angle of coarse grinding and the workpiece at about 30-40 degrees is appropriate, even forced, to lay the foundation for the grinding, to improve the effectiveness of the goal.
3, the use of cutting V-belt grinding machine cutting, according to different materials treated accordingly, prior to clamp the workpiece, not cutting weight, do not tilt, do not shake, moderate intensity control cutting the material according to the material and keep cutting discs incision parallel to the sheet metal, non-skewed cut side pressure way, pay attention to cutting grinding wheel rotation direction.
4, be sure to concentrate at work, maintain a clear mind and rational operating a power tool, appeared tired, drinking or taking drugs such as stimulants by non-induction operating a power tool.
5, to avoid accidental start the machine, plug in before, be sure to check the machine switch is in the off position.
6, in the high-altitude freehand cutting or grinding, you must do wear a helmet, seatbelt, goggles and other protective measures must be sound footing, there is a certain circuitous space, clenched grinding machine, according to the actual situation in advance calm operation with the guide plate or cutting the positioning means.
7, when the recipients or return polished, please do not mention not only the power cord to take hold grinding machine body to prevent pull off the power cord and broke grinding machine.

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