Routine maintenance of injection molding machine

Routine maintenance of injection molding machine

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Purpose and significance of the management and maintenance of equipment
    Injection molding machine factory from "Alone" The role of equipment, management and maintenance of their quality is directly related to the long-term

ability to maintain equipment in good working accuracy and performance, related to the failure rate and the operating rate of hydraulic equipment, related to

the processed products quality, related to the plant's productivity and economic efficiency; should grasp the spirit of the "anti" emphasis on "governance"

of this link, it will cause less equipment failure, reduce downtime maintenance time, greatly improving machinery and equipment life, work performance and

safety, which is very significant economic benefits.
    Factory equipment shall be equipped with a full-time management and maintenance personnel, regular equipment inspection, maintenance, and make a detailed

maintenance records, should be done;
1. Establish and improve the maintenance of records;
2. Establish inspection, special inspection system;
3. Establish a sound and feasible maintenance system;
    Routine maintenance
    Maintenance refers to the routine operation of the injection molding machine equipment workers in front of the machine to use, use, use of the device

after a routine check, and make daily inspection records, through routine inspection, maintenance, inspection, such as leakage, pressure changes and other

phenomena, early detection accidents and failures signs, in time, to prevent major accidents. Routine maintenance should be included in the liability system

(1) pre-use check
    The fuel tank inspection: observation, oil should be determined within the standard fuel;
Temperature and oil temperature checks: generally performed only when the rainy winter temperature (ambient temperature) is below 0 ° C, should be preheated

oil; When the temperature is higher than 35 ° C, to consider the cooling measures;.
Check the pressure gauge: Observe the pressure gauge pointer swings are serious, whether to return to zero and span the state, etc.;
Check the thermostat part: thermostats, temperature line, heaters, AC contactor or solid state relays and other tests, the heating time, the temperature

deviation is normal, etc.
(2) using the check
    To confirm startup relief to the lowest pressure regulator handle is about to loosen , then jog pumps have observed no unusual circumstances : such as

whether the oil pump can , if there is abnormal sound , if volatility is high , such as pressure gauges ;
Adjust the pressure relief valve adjustment and checking , whether continuous and uniform movements, everything is normal and then transferred to the set

pressure ;
Oil , pump casing temperature , check the solenoid temperature : oil operator at 20 ° C-50 ° C during normal pump casing temperature higher than room

temperature 10 ° C-30 ° C can be considered normal , according to the electromagnetic solenoid temperature iron nameplate ;
Check pump mating surfaces of the output shaft , pipe joints, and the cylinder rod end cap junction , etc. on each side of the tank , the valve element

mounting surface , the mounting flange and the mounting screw of the oil spills etc. : Check the oil ;
Noise and vibration tests: whether the pump " giggle ...... " sound , solenoid whether the " buzz ...... " sound, the sound of the pipe or without vibration

, impact sound whether the commutation of tanks , piping , etc. are vibrating loose check ;
Check the pressure gauge ;
Operation of the gas components , the safety device reliability check ;
(3) before work (after stopping) inspection
    Oil tank inspection: After the drop down found a lot of oil, the oil should be identified to reduce the portion of the place, where the leakage flows to

where (ground, waste or cooling water tank);
Exposed surface dirt cleaning tank, hydraulic components, etc. and scrubbing tanks, electric control box inside clean;
Each valve handle position should be restored to "relief", "stop", "back" and other locations;
If convenient, touch the oil filter by hand, confirmed cases clogging dirt, make records and disposal;
Check whether the control switch buttons as well as the electrical components loose, sensitive degree;
Machine oil bearing column and activities connected moving parts add oil;
Turn off the power to fill shift recording.
    The above routine inspection, maintenance, although I have to spend some time and effort, but through inspection, observation, such as a little leak, a

little pressure to change the phenomenon of adverse action may be signs of early detection of failures and accidents, make some simple treatment can

eliminate hidden faults prevent a big big fault accident, it is much more effective. To therefore recommended routine maintenance work included

responsibility for an assessment.
    This work is mainly professional maintenance staff, production workers to participate in a planned preventive checks. And routine inspections, is to make

more reliable equipment maintenance, longer life, and early signs of failure found a job and trends. Checking means other human senses, but also with a

certain inspection tools and instruments, and recording devices found abnormalities, damage, wear and oil spills, etc., in order to determine repair parts,

replace parts, repair type and time, pursuant to a scheme of arrangement repairs. Regular maintenance checks are often cleaned with oil change.

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