Automotive air conditioning cooling fans are not normally open fault 1

Automotive air conditioning cooling fans are not normally open fault 1

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Fault 1 : a Superman car era , failure phenomenon after the ignition switch is turned on the air conditioning electromagnetic clutch work , the cooling fan can work simultaneously. This was reflected in the driver's fault repair shop repaired, but the problem is not resolved .
After receiving the car , first unplug the A / C switch , the outdoor temperature switches, air conditioning temperature control switch and the 13th air conditioning relay , compressor or work . For fast troubleshooting, we must understand the principles of this car air conditioning control system .
Based on the above control theory, first check the fan controller circuit , because the electromagnetic clutch is powered by its direct . However, according to the driver speaking, the car has been replaced a new controller , so it should be another switch signal is not normal. When unplugging the air conditioner pressure combination switch , air conditioning electromagnetic clutch stop working. According to the schematic , shows high voltage switching power is supplied by the ignition switch . If the high pressure switch is normally open , then the air-conditioning system fan controller will recognize the air-conditioning system at high pressure to normal at this time , so it will turn on cooling fans and compressors. Check the switch with a multimeter , the result is often pass .
After replacing a new pressure switch troubleshooting.

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