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Short flange flange, just a general term usually refers to a similar disk-shaped metal body surrounding the opening couple of holes for fixing to connect other things. This thing is widely used in machinery , so it looks strange , just like is called flanges, whose name is derived from the English flange.
The role of the flange of the tube and pipe parts connected to each other . Connected to the pipe end. There are holes on the flange , can be worn bolts, so that the two flange abuts . Sealing gaskets between flanges . Pipe flanges with flange means ( flange or disk access ) for pipe fittings. It can be cast from , can also be threaded or welded form . Flange by a pair of flanges, a gasket and a number bolts and nuts composition . Gasket placed between two flange sealing surface , tighten the nut , gasket surface pressure reaches a certain value, deformation, and fill the sealing surface uneven, so that does not leak tight connection . Some fittings and equipment already comes with flange, also belongs to the flange connection. Flanged pipeline construction is an important connection. Flanged easy to use, able to withstand greater pressure. In industrial pipe , flange connection to use very extensive. The family , the pipe diameter is small, and a low-voltage , see the flange connection. If a boiler room or a production site, everywhere flanged pipes and equipment. Popular speaking , the role is to make the flange connecting pipe is fixed and sealed.

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