Engineering Disk Aerator

Engineering Disk Aerator

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Why use the Rongda Engineering Disk Aerator? - Continuous slit generates more air per unit area. - Individual rubber mounted elements to give more consistent depth and unit protection in stony conditions. - The composite angle of the disk set up creates stressing of the soil profile and generates cracks. - Better root development leading to stronger, more vigorous plant growth and better drought resistance. - Better drainage to prevent water logging and protection from run off. - Best reduction in moss and thatch build up at base of plant provides a better environment for grass plant population. - Cheaper running costs than a spiked machine. - Better utilisation of fertiliser. Air space is of paramount importance to achieving good soil functionality, allowing water to perforate through to the drainage system when the ground is waterlogged and holding the available water capacity during drought periods. A well structured soil should have 50% air space. Aerated soil provides an ideal place for favourable fungus and bacteria to grow and for the chemical processes associated with nutrient uptake and fertiliser utilisation. Trafficking the ground with livestock or machinery, especially when the ground is wet, results in soil compaction and a reduction in available air space. 

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