Aeration dish

Aeration dish

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Aeration Disc (also known as aeration turntable, oxidation ditch turntable) using high-strength lightweight fiberglass produced by molding a shape, diameter 1400mm, material and strength of each particle uniformity, specific gravity ≤ 1.2g/cm3, with high strength, acid , alkali resistance and aging characteristics, in cold regions, you can break the ice surface, the disc's life more than 20 years. The disc by the two semi-circular shape of the clamp, between the two pieces of each error is less than 1% by weight, a separate disc with the same shaft joint, making it very easily assembled on the horizontal axis, the disc can be easily increases and decreases the volume of effluent to accommodate long-term changes. To prevent the switch plate occurs when running loose in the rotating disk and shaft assembly at the turn dish to prevent slipping measures.

Construction techniques for the disc in my company on the basis of the original disc made ​​significant improvements, the disc got Shanghai large computer center, its air intakes on both sides of the trapezoidal cut pits and protruding plug flow block permutations tangential arrangement calculated to identify the original arrangement of the irrational tangent space, scientific and rational re-arranged, platter, plate spinning of three teeth in a straight prismatic, rounded phenomenon does not exist. New discs pressed into the gas and gas water cutting coefficient increased by 30%, greatly improving the oxygenation capacity and impetus, and get the best utilization.

Rpm disc (turntable) diameter: 1400mm;

Platter oxygen capacity: ≥ 1.30 kgO2 / h;

Plate Spinning Power Efficiency: 2.89 kgO2 / kW · h

Plate Spinning immersion depth: 500mm;

Plate Spinning speed :35-55rpm.

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