Changzhou Rong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Summary of knowledge on the flange

Changzhou Rong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Summary of knowledge on the flange

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Changzhou Rong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional mold development and design, production and products as one of the manufacturer, there are many of our products, I summed up some of the flange knowledge here to share with you!
    First introduced flange knowledge about the essentials: Flanges just a general term usually refers to a similar disk-shaped metallic body color surrounding the opening couple of holes for fixing to connect other things.
    Flange is generally not problematic, if the tire is connected to a flange of a problem, the most common situation is broken wheel bolts bell, this case can be broken down in the body of the flange bolts after knock re changing a bolt can, under normal circumstances such a bolt near the rolling out of the root cap raised ruled, ruled when installing new bolts and flange holes as possible consistent with the lines, so that after knocking into the strength of the connection bolt and flange on the higher. There is a mosaic bearing flange bore, this flange bore hole flange bearings occasionally ran inner circle phenomenon, this happens even scrapped after the general parts can also be re-used by repairing, specific approach is to wear electric arc welding bore up (need to make sure that the flange of the specific material, the general low-carbon steel and low carbon high alloy steel welding performance better point, cast iron and high-carbon steel welding much more complex, and sometimes the cost is higher than you weld a new flange price!), and then identify the starting point after turning, to note that when the hole axis machining and flange runout working poor should be controlled at 0.02 to 0.04 between the volume of the brake after beating brake shaking phenomenon.
    This thing is widely used in machinery, so it looks strange, just like is called flange. English name is derived from the wheel flange with the flange, at the holes with the holes on the hub that we are the same size, with the inside of the hub, that the press and then on the wheel flange, the role of the wheels weigh out one, increasing the track. That the two flanged pipes, fittings or equipment, each fixed in a first flange, between two flanges, with flange gasket, fastened together with bolts, to complete the connection. Some fittings and equipment have its own flange, flange connection flange is part of the application on the wheel in order to increase primary role not that track, but to play the role of the connection wheel, that the wheel can be done precise positioning of the center of the axle and transmission of power, but also to facilitate the fixing brakes and wheel removal.
    The above is an introduction about the flange, more please visit our website, Changzhou Rong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Welcome!

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