Division I safety training - fire extinguisher training new employees

Division I safety training - fire extinguisher training new employees

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Our company to new employees at the factory gate at 12:00 pm March 6 safety training, this security training use a fire extinguisher and employee safety awareness training here, since mention security, then the firstwe have to define what is safe?
Definition - security does not exist can lead to personal injury and property damage in the state, this state, however, is not objectively speaking.Since ancient times, where production activities, where there is a danger factor, endangering human health and property damage; from actual production safety - is the objective things, the degree of risk to the widely accepted status; safety indicators -people are able to accept the degree of risk, the maximum allowable limit for a particular occupational activities, run the risk of a system.
The reason why we want to train every new employee to train employees about three o'clock:
 (1)ask each employee in the production process, the security on the first all the work of the first to establish a human is the most valuable ideas.
 (2)When the contradiction between safety and production hair, you must first solve the security problem.
 (3)security work must be based on prevention, there must be forward-looking, and all production activities must consider security in the initial stages.
Here is a live picture of the Training Division I:
The first is at the door, put the ignition, then our training instructor training, training instructor first explain the methods and considerations of the use of fire extinguishers, as shown below:




Finally the staff to the actual operating again in order to deepen the impression, as shown below:



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